RT @Substantial: Tonight @Hello_Melissa is on an @aigaseattle panel discussing kickstarting your design career. See you there!
If you're wondering what Marshawn Lynch would do...he'd buy a SSDX pass. cc: @bmamaril
Last chance to SPRING into a new AIGA membership. #badpuns Free fistbump included 👊
if you're the go-for-broke type, the SSDX pass is your best bet Jumpstart + Reality Check and more Tix
All about that Sprout. Food + folks + fun. Design and non-profits come together to do good. 👊 @artefactgroup

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Want to use your design superpowers for good? If so, 2015 is your year. by Harmony Hasbrook
How does design thinking come into play when it comes to solving social problems? How can you make an impact and still make a living? We’ve started the conversation here in Seattle and have kicked off phase one of our master plan. Read More
Hey AIGA friends! Anyone out there want to volunteer as a photographer at tonight's SSDX: JumpStart Panel? 6PM–9PM Please do make us beg!!! #ssdx15

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