Costume up! The House Studios invites all creative professionals out for a strange and magical night. #commpost" title=" #commpost" target="_blank" > #commpost
Building a World Class Portfolio. (for folks of all skill level and discipline) @ixdaseattle @uxpaseattle
Last minute notice for tonight's Typographer's Pub Meetup at Barrel Thief. 8pm Great conversation and fun over drinks. #commpost
Have a local designer you'd like to nominate for an AIGA Fellow Award? Nominate them before October 3rd
You always hear about the user from Tim Cook. No matter what your biz, it's the #1 priority. If not you're failing.

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Greetings AIGA Seattle! My name is Steve and I'm embarked on a 14-month journey across adland called, The Great Agency Adventure. I'll be visiting Seattle for the month of October and I was wondering if you could help me spread the word. A big part of...

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