Why not just invite folks to print and sell them themselves @SoundersFC? #soundersmarketingteamdoesntgetit" title=" #soundersmarketingteamdoesntgetit" target="_blank" > #soundersmarketingteamdoesntgetit
RT @arcadenw: Seattle design/book nerds: Check out this book binding workshop at @FryeArtMuseum
The next IA/UX meetup @Moz with @POP_Agency and @WINTR_US speaking on evolving design agencies.
Ever had the delectable ginger beer from @rgbsoda? Come hang & drink with local designers and meet some new folks.
Let's hack the commute. This looks like a great opportunity to engage civically. Register today @hackthecommute

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Want to use your design superpowers for good? If so, 2015 is your year. by Harmony Hasbrook
How does design thinking come into play when it comes to solving social problems? How can you make an impact and still make a living? We’ve started the conversation here in Seattle and have kicked off phase one of our master plan. Read More
What do you all think? Is the CEO of the future a designer?

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