A good read for visual and UX designers on hiring/getting hired
Pour Back is about ideas big and small. Help creative folks get grants for projects with positive impact.
Special thanks to all who put on and came out to our party and Fellow Gala. Big thanks to @iheartSAM as well. Tops as always.
Amazing piece for the @henryartgallery by Doug Wadden. 2014 AIGA Seattle Fellow #aigafellow
Getting ready for the panel. #aigafellow

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AIGA Commemorative Centennial Chair by James Stipes by Melanie Biehle
In case you didn't know, AIGA turns 100 in 2014. There are many events and projects planned around the AIGA Centennial. Seattle designer James Stipes, who works with Tether, participated in the AIGA Centennial Commemorative Chair design challenge where chapters around the country were invited to customize Real Good chairs from Blu Dot in a way that represents their city. Read More
Happy Halloween! This is how Brian Singer from AIGA San Francisco rolled into work today. What's everyone wearing in Seattle? Can we top this? #halloween #seattle #creative #designers

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Sustaining October 30, 2014
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