Connecting Through Content: Chapter Goals for 2014

As a good rain storm can refresh the streets of the city and renew vitality, the launch of the new AIGA Seattle website has given us the motivation to fill it with inspiring and valuable content. We have an incredible queue of posts to share and we felt we should kick off  this effort by sharing our chapter goals for 2014. This will be a first, as these goals are usually never seen outside the boardroom. We see this new transparency as the first step in opening the door to our community.

Goal 01 Engage three new community groups in 2014.
For starters, the UX community got a nice boost with the successful completion of HIVE. We are currently looking for two more opportunities before the end of the year that are focused on In-house activities and design leaders. If this is you, let us know what you want to see.

Goal 02 Focus on increasing membership and filling some key roles.
As AIGA celebrates it's 100th birthday this year, we are working with national to ensure that membership continues to grow and diversify well into the next century. To do this, we will need to change our approach. We established a Partnership Director role and are well on our way building new relationships with potential partners. If you or your company wants to get involved in the design conversation please reach out to us, and we will hook you up!  Design for Good is another area that we have formalized by recruiting a D4G Director to initiate more D4G content and events, like Pour Back. Introductions will come soon – right here on this very blog.

Goal 03 Set up three new student chapters in addition to the two that are operating now.
We know our local design students are an active force in our community and we are working diligently to post some 'Back to School' profiles about our amazing student chapters. Check back here in September to read more!

Goal 04 Launch our new AIGA Seattle website with a clear content strategy.
This blog is just one piece of the puzzle. And this iteration of the website while new, is not final. Consider this phase 1. Never resting on our laurels, we have an even more rad site waiting in development that we hope will be the definitive hub for Seattle designers. Meanwhile, our AIGA Seattle communications team has been working hard to set up processes to make sure the site is filled with national and local content, community events, and helpful insight. That effort is most visible in the launch of this blog, and it starts today with posts ready to publish by a team of talented designer/writers.

In addition, we'll have guest contributors from the board and our community at large. If you have something to share with our community, or a topic you would like us to cover, please contact our Communications Director at

By Harmony Hasbrook
Published July 2, 2014