The Day I Joined AIGA

When I first heard about AIGA, I thought it was only for designers. I went to an event, and it was flooded with design talent. I went on the website, and nothing was speaking to copywriters. So just like that, I thought this community wasn’t for me. But in recent weeks I’ve had an epiphany thanks to one of my former colleagues who joined AIGA, and is a content strategist.

I’ve come to realize “design” is something bigger, more all-encompassing. It’s not about being a professional designer per se, but acknowledging that what we all do is a form of design. Don Norman, who coined the term “user experience” says, “We manipulate the environment, the better to serve our needs. We select what items to own, which to have around us. We build, buy, arrange and restructure: all of this is a form of design.”

And it’s true. I’m always thinking about design, but have never considered that what I do is a form of design. The same goes for strategists who design user flows, coders who design interfaces, or recruiters who design entire workforces. We’re all working together to design a better future.

Which is exactly what AIGA is all about. They recently expanded their mission statement to include designers, strategists, writers, developers, students, educators, directors, and volunteers. They actually talk about harnessing the power of design to build a better future, and exploring physical and digital landscapes by engaging people through design-related programming.

And non-designers can attest to that:

“AIGA’s been a fantastic resource for me to network with design and non-design talent, and many of my recent hires have come from AIGA’s networking events.” - Nabeel Chowdhury, Recruiter for 24 Seven

“Seattle’s creative community is active and engaged thanks in large part to the ongoing efforts of AIGA, and through them I’ve connected and become friends with many talented and enthusiastic individuals.” - Dave Curry, VP of Interactive for POP

So here I am learning all these cool things about AIGA and how I should really call myself a Diction Designer, and this button magically appears on my computer screen.

Join Me

I click it.

AND BECOME A MEMBER! #ballerstatus #membersonly #hateuscuztheyaintus

Member Selfie

I’m not going to lie, it feels almost as good as when I got my Starbucks Gold Card.

So Excited

By Darrah Mohr
Published September 10, 2015