How to Be a Great Client/How to Be a Great Agency

Every digital agency, design firm, or ad agency would love to be revered by its clients. And every client would love to have the great thinking that comes with being their agency’s most cherished customer. But, unless you’ve walked in the other guys’ shoes, it’s hard to know what pleases, what annoys, and what commands the respect we all seek. We’ll find out, as you learn what’s on the minds of Rod Brooks, the client at PEMCO, and his agency’s leader, DNA’s Alan Brown.

This free talk is for CMOs, marketing managers, and anyone on the client side who chooses and directs creative service firms. It’s also for agency and design firm managers, account service leaders, and anyone who seeks better client relationships.


Speakers: Alan Brown/Rod Brooks

Alan Brown, co-founder and CEO of DNA

Rod Brooks, vice president and chief marketing officer at PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company.

When & Where
Tue, Mar 29, 2016 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
School of Visual Concepts
2300 7th Ave, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98121