Sorry, I’m Not Sorry: How to Be an Email Feminist

Whether we’re professional writers or not, we’re constantly writing all day, every day, in whatever work we do. Texts, blog posts, social media updates—and email, especially. In this lecture, you’ll learn about the most common bad habits, review research investigating why women are more susceptible to developing them, participate in revealing exercises, and acquire tools you can immediately implement to strengthen not just your writing, but your voice in general.

Say more of what you mean, get more of what you want, and go on and get it, gurrrl—or guy. (If you too want to understand this issue, support your fellow ladies, and learn to strengthen your own voice, come on in, fellas. Feminists are you, too.)

Here’s a glimpse into what we’ll accomplish in our evening together:

* Understand the why: The history and science behind this social conditioning.
* Understand the how: The way this conditioning shows up in how we speak today.
* Investigate the effects of playing “nice: We think it helps us, but it only hurts us.
* Break down The Blacklist: The words and phrases now henceforth banned from your communications.
* How to preserve your voice and personal writing style: No compromise necessary.
* How to implement this, starting… right now: Tools and strategies for strengthening your voice that you’ll notice immediately. Guaranteed.

Who should attend this lecture? 

Any woman, as well as man, robot, or curious extraterrestrial, who uses “written communications" is welcome. More info & registration:

Need more convincing?

After reading this compelling class description, go to your Sent folder. How often do the words “I just…”, “I think…”, or “I’m sorry” show up? How many exclamation points and smiley faces! 🙂 These are surprisingly common language crutches, but we ladies have especially been conditioned to soften requests, downplay needs, and caveat strong opinions. The effect is that our professional prowess and hard-earned expertise get diminished, and in turn, we get less of what we want out of what we say.


About Shirley:

Shirley Hendrickson
Senior Copywriter, Hornall Anderson
Shirley Hendrickson didn’t want to be a writer. Initially, she wanted to be an “artist,” but her parents were a bit worried about that. Something about money, and security, or something. After exploring some questionable “career paths”, she found her way to writing in occasionally award-winning ways, for brands such as Alaska Airlines, the Golden State Warriors, Progresso, JanSport, PepsiCo, Lane Bryant and Starbucks, as well as distinguished publications like The Stranger. Most recently, her work for the Seattle Public Library garnered a National Gold ADDY. She was a student at the School of Visual Concepts in the old days, and teaches copywriting here in the new days.


When & Where
Mon, Mar 28, 2016 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
School of Visual Concepts
2300 7th Ave, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98121