A robust design community led by a volunteer group of directors, chairs, committees, advisors, & volunteers.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is an all volunteer team voted in by the chapter membership. These hard-working leaders manage the chapter’s business affairs, set the goals and vision for the upcoming year, and lead an even larger team of Chairs and Committees who all work together to build a better design community.

Brendan Shanley
Brendan creates under the name Lost In Print. As an Art Director for 10+ years in Chicago he served on the AIGA Chicago board for nearly 4 years. Today he’s photographing commercial portraiture and lots of live music in addition to working on a variety of branding, print and UX design projects. Brendan is an Eagle Scout, a wannabe sommelier and he’s looking for the next story to tell.
Jenna Blake
Vice President of Initiatives
Jenna currently designs digital products at Mentor Creative Group. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, she has a self-defined degree called Arts, Communications, and Cultural Studies. She’s passionate about improving people’s lives with design.
John Carroll
Vice President of Operations
John’s been a part of Seattle’s creative community for over 16 years, winding his way up from an entry-level admin role to Chief Operations Officer at Methodologie, and most recently was Director of Operations at Digital Kitchen. He savors being surrounded by stupendous strategic design and does what he can to help it thrive. Cultural artifacts bring him joy, especially vintage pinball machines and mid-century vinyl record cover art.
James Holt
Vice President of Events
Whether creating a memorable brand experience, working through a creative evaluation, or giving an onsite presentation, James Holt is always thinking. He is passionate about visual communication of all kinds, designer art toys, Seahawks football, and dad jokes. James has worked in the Seattle area as a professional creative in a multitude of disciplines for the past 15 years viewing every project as an opportunity to make a difference.
Kris Olmon
Vice President of Community
Kris Olmon is really just a unicorn in disguise. While incognito in Phoenix, he spent his days doing publication design & brand communication. There he began his 10+ years with AIGA and was a founding member of Phoenix Design Week. The heat was on to him so he fled to Seattle. Now he’s hiding in plain sight at a Fortune 500 company as an Instructional Designer & Project Analyst. Although the job is satisfying and life is good, he occasionally dreams of running wild & free.
Rachael Cicero
Volunteers Director
Rachael’s passion for technology has kept her busy over the years. Working as a project manager for healthcare startups and a major social media company, she enjoys being surrounded by the creative energy from working with design and product teams. This very energy has inspired her to pursue her own design adventures. The first brought her to Seattle, and her second to AIGA, shortly thereafter.
Gina Davis
Sponsorship Director
Gina is a brand alchemist who melds the elements of a brand into a vision of clarity. She is the Creative Director and founder of Pontaray, a branding consultancy with expertise in omni-channel retail and nonprofit communications. Her favorite opportunities leverage her experience at Coach, Eddie Bauer, etc., to aid nonprofit organizations amplify their mission. Gina lives on Portage Bay with her husband, son and mini-poodle.
Lainie Dickson
Lainie joined AIGA Seattle in January 2016. Laine comes from an Accounting and Education background. She is passionate about tennis and loves a good bottle of wine. She lives in Bellevue with her husband and son.
Kirsten Kenning Kent
Women Lead Director
Heading into her second career, Kirsten is currently an Interior Design student at Seattle’s Art Institute. Kirsten is known for her listening in order to understand and generate. She is passionate about making a difference for others, whether it be their physical environment, discussing the tough topics, or teaching them about juicing. She also gets excited about cycling, yoga, hiking, and time with friends and family, especially her sons.
Jessica King
Programming Director
Jessica is a 19-year veteran of the architecture/engineering/design world, and a long time administrative project manager and event planner. Having years of experience juggling high priority projects, assignments and details has enabled her to be successful without losing sight of the big picture. Her energy, versatility and “get it done” approach allow her to manage projects of all size with success.
Oakley Madan
Marketing Director
Adam Merkl
Partnership Director
Adam Merkl has worked with Seattle’s creative community for 15+ years. Energized by fresh perspectives, he currently is an independent consultant for Brand Strategy, Business Development and more. Previously, as co-founder of Hilliard’s Beer, Adam developed unique partnerships with Jameson Irish Whiskey, ClearChannel/iHeartMedia, and more. Adam thoroughly enjoys select puns, 80s cars and events likely to have a photo booth.
Daire Pettway
Membership Director
Daire is a freelance UX/Visual designer and a Digital Marketing Specialist. When she’s not in digital mode you can find her traveling the world. She may be coming soon to a city near you.
Arnold Phommavong
Design for Good Director
A senior designer at the Hilt agency, Arnold distills brand clutter into simplicity and purity—uncovering compelling stories, one pixel at a time. He believes every designer should feel empowered to use his or her passions to help create positive social change in the world. He’s spent the past six years working with nonprofit organizations, including a year volunteering with Americorps VISTA. Originally from the South, Arnold is obsessed with tiny things and Riverdance.
Thabby Regiani
Alliance Director
Originally from Brazil, Thabby recalls when she decided she wanted to be a creative professional—at 8 years old she would cut up magazines and recreate their layouts. While living in Brazil she earned a degree in Architecture and Urbanism. Since then her life has been an adventure—from Brazil to Russia to Italy and finally the U.S., where she acquired a degree in Graphic Design at Boise State University.
Krista Serianni
Special Events Director
An East-Coaster with a personality as fiery as the ginger hair on her head, Krista Serianni specializes in magazine and publication design. Krista strives to use her work to make a difference and is dedicated to creating for non-profit cancer organizations and other charitable individuals. In addition to loving good design, Krista is passionate about eating ice cream, adding to her extensive poster collection and petting every dog she sees.
Ashley Worobec
Design for Good Director
As a freelance designer, Ashley brings brands to life through print, product, and packaging. She is passionate about creating positive change in our world through design, loves organizing information, and is obsessed with books about cities. Originally from the Midwest, she has called Seattle home since the day she arrived.
Wacarra Yeomans
Vice President of Client Services at Oracle. In 2013 Wacarra was honored as one of the top 40 Under 40 in Direct Marketing by Direct Marketing News. She actively volunteers at Girls on the Run International and at YearUp, in addition to serving on the Executive Board of AIGA Seattle.
Ken Zinser
Technology Director
Ken is passionate about turning complex systems into simple workflows that help people get things done. As a designer at Pyramid Communiations, he works with nonprofits and cause-oriented organizations to communicate across platforms. He’s been an active member of AIGA since 2009, previously with the Washington, DC, chapter.

Advisory Board

Made up of prominent members of the Seattle design community, our Advisory Board offers guidance, advice and a fresh perspective on how the chapter and community are doing. Lead by the Advisory Board Chair, this team regularly meets with the Chapter leadership and occasionally rolls up their sleeves to help bring new initiatives to life.

Chairs and Committee Leads

Having been around for almost 30 years now, our chapter has amassed an impressive amount of initiatives that aim to build a better community. From Art with Heart, to AIGA Link, to our biennial design and technology conferences Into the Woods and Hive, many of our chapter initiatives are kept alive and strong by a dedicated group of Chairs and Committee Leads.

Claudia de Almeida
Brand Chair
Alyson Dietz
Operations Chair, Hive 2017
Lauren Georgian
Lead Chair, Women Lead Initiative
Emily Lukken
Lunchbox Chair, Programming
Linsey Nancarrow
Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Sam Schick
Design For Democracy Chair
Alice Wicks
Design Chair, Hive 2017
Christiana Wu
Media Relations Chair

Past Presidents

The Chapter President is voted in by the Board of Directors to lead the chapter toward successfully executing their collective vision. Each of these leaders have made their mark on this great design community and continue to do so long after their term.

Brendan Shanley
Gage Mitchell
Aaron Shurts
Kevin Berger
Jeff Barlow
Wendy Quesinberry
Martin Hall
Brooke Mackay Castro
Tan Le & Laura Zeck
David Betz
Jesse Doquilo
Allen Woodard
Janet DeDonato
Chris Ozubko
Anne Traver
Pat Hansen