Three Apps That Spark Creativity

Our phones have become an extension of our bodies. If we forget our phone somewhere, there is an app to find it and panic no more. Since we are so attached to our phones, why don't use them to keep us creative and inspired? Take a look below at three apps that might spark new ideas for your next design project.

Steller is a visual storytelling app that lets you put together a series of stories comprised of photos and text. With Steller, you can import your photos directly to this app and create a beautiful slideshow of images and text. I’ve used this app to create a visual DIY story.


A visual story for a "DIY Scarf craft" with brief tutorial.

Adobe Kuler
Adobe Kuler works like your camera app, and while you point at any subject, it creates a color palette that you can name a save. You can retrieve your palettes from Adobe/kuler’s website and access them within Creative Cloud applications. Adobe Kuler also has the functionality to create color combinations from scratch. Their online community is full of palettes, rated by most popular or most used.


Custom color palettes saved to end user's profile

VSCO (Visual Supply Company) is a camera app that makes the most of your iPhone image resolution capabilities. VSCO imports and exports photos with the highest resolution without compromising image quality. VSCO gives you control of exposure with separate control rings, focus and white balance lock.


Photos taken within VSCO camera app with "HB1" filters applied."

VSCO also has a community component called VSCO Grid. Here you can view curated content from photographers around the world.

These apps are at our disposal almost every hour of the day. With tools like these, we can create visual content at any moment when creativity strikes.

Author Ursula Rosien, is a blogger at {modern & quick crafts}. If you would like to contribute a post to the AIGA blog, please contact

By Ursula Rosen
Published August 12, 2014