The Design for Good Changemaker Series unites teams of creative professionals with nonprofits and social change organizations to use design thinking, sustainable frameworks and creative tools to help advance their mission.

Join us as we continue a program of networking, workshops and collaborative problem solving all focused on this year’s theme: HOUSING & HOMELESSNESS.


KICKOFF: April 14th
Learn how design thinking principles can address social change and discover the missions and challenges of social change organizations tackling housing and homelessness at this keynote event, featuring speaker Mark Randall from Worldstudio Inc.

WORKSHOP WEEKEND: May 21st & 22nd
Join a creative team, gain insights into design thinking, reframe challenges, develop creative briefs, and formulate plans to help a housing and homelessness organization. Progress made over the weekend will be a basis for the work done over the summer.

Work closely with your project team and local organization over the course of four months to do research, then develop and implement creative solutions addressing housing and homelessness. Network during check-in events to share best practices, get answers and get help staying on track.

SHOWCASE: September
Celebrate the work accomplished by the Changemaker project teams with a party and exhibition. Check out how design thinking can help address housing and homelessness challenges. Eat, drink, and be inspired with the larger community!

2016 Participating Organizations

Real Change / Learn More
How might we correct misperceptions of content and increase readership?

Northwest Youth Services / Learn More
How might we increase our community’s investment in innovative programming that supports vulnerable youth?

Sea Mar Community Health Centers / Learn More
How might we reach more of our underserved homeless patients to increase their health outcomes?

Peace for the Streets / Learn More
How might we effectively, consistently and efficiently share the message and mission of PSKS with multiple external stakeholders?

Downtown Emergency Service Center / Learn More
How might we more rapidly engage and connect donors to our most pressing need: developing our Move In Kits?

All Home / Learn More
How might we create an aware and supportive community where all people have access to a safe and stable home?

2015 Changemaker Series

The theme of the inaugural Changemaker Series was FOOD. The causes tackled by the project teams included promoting access to fresh produce and healthy foods to low-income households, advocating domestic fair trade principles in the community, and empowering food entrepreneurs from immigrant communities in the hopes of creating a lasting ethnic street food market in Seattle.

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Supporters & Sponsors
The Changemaker Series is a unique way for the creative community to address local social challenges. We would love for your organization to be involved with our efforts through sponsorship.
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