About the 2020 Cause

Mental health is an important part of our lives that is rarely discussed and often neglected. Issues surrounding mental health impact our community:

  • 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness. This rate increases to over 1 in 3 for lesbian, gay and bisexual adults.
  • 20% of people experiencing homelessness also have a serious mental illness. 12% of all visits to U.S. emergency departments are related to mental health and substance use disorders. 37% of people incarcerated in state and federal prison have a diagnosed mental condition.
  • In a recent WA state survey, 12% of adults shared that they have experiences around stress, depression and problems with emotions that could benefit from treatment or support.

Depression is one of the top disabilities worldwide and some of our friends and neighbors are not able to get the support that they need. Unfortunately, Washington State ranks 47th in the country for mental health prevalence and access.

In 2020, the Changemaker Series was focused on supporting organizations and programs working to improve mental health through: increasing access to treatment and prevention; reducing the stigma that keeps people from seeking care; or improving emotional well-being in our community.

Project Teams

You Grow Girl! + Team Rise

Problem Statement

How might we create communication tools to better engage key stakeholders with all advocates and allies of the You Grow Girl! sisterhood so that they feel more connected to the mission of empowering girls and young women of color?

Creative Team Members

Paulina Alvarado, Jenn Hergert, Judilee Haider, Bryan Stromer

Somali Health Board + Team Ladnaan Collective

Problem statement

How might we make mental health easier to talk about in the Somali Community?

Creative Team Members

Hannah Burn, Kelly Neuner, Venessa Wong, Raphael Artieda, Ibbie Osman

Ryther + Team Chameleon

Problem statement

How might we make telehealth a sustainable solution for all of our current and potential clients, especially those experiencing homelessness?

Creative Team Members

Chantrelle Johanson, David Hammer, Erika Johnson, Lisa Danno, Summer Wang, Teresa Cummings, Tui Calvette

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC) + Team

Problem statement

How might we present KCSARC’s comprehensive approach to ending sexual violence and providing hope and healing to survivors in a way that attracts and inspires new prospective donors to give?

Creative Team Members

Kale Lepak, Anat Mooreville, Kelsie Harris, Natalie Fajardo

Perinatal Support Washington + Team PS-WArriors

Problem statement

How might we enhance our understanding of our two distinct populations (expecting/new parents and healthcare providers) to better communicate with and engage them in our services and fundraising?

Creative Team Members

Christine Perlick, Hannah Rudin, Sierra Houk, April DiMartile, Linh Tran, Nathan Olson

Kent Youth and Family Services + Team Polaris

Problem statement

How might we promote a holistic understanding of Kent Youth and Family Services (KYFS) in order to improve staff, donors, and clients’ ability to fully navigate its services?

Creative Team Members

Christopher Datsikas, Lydia Davison, Allison Laurel, Andrew Reaume, Jilian Ryan, Amy Carter, Bernadette Smith


The 2020 Changemaker Series cumulated in a Showcase on Wednesday, September 16. Each team shared how they partnered with local nonprofits to improve the mental health of our community, and keynote speaker Ashley McGirt shared the importance of self-care and mental health in BIPOC communities. 100% of event proceeds ($1,800) were donated to our six nonprofit partners! Check out the event recording below:

About Keynote Speaker Ashley McGirt

Our Showcase featured speaker and therapist Ashley McGirt, a world-renowned international speaker, author, and clinician. McGirt provides transformational talks that focus on mental health, leadership, race, and social justice. She also founded WA Therapy Fund Foundation, an incredible organization empowering people of color through mental health education and radical self-care.

Thanks to our Giveaway Vendors and Sponsors!

All attendees were entered to win free prizes that cultivate mental health and creative thinking. Prizes included...

Learn more about the Changemaker Series process and program on the main Changemaker Series webpage.