Changemaker Series

The AIGA Seattle Changemaker Series unites teams of creative professionals with nonprofits and social change organizations to use design thinking, sustainable frameworks and creative tools to help advance their mission.

Each year we rally around a new cause. Join us as we continue a program of networking, workshops and collaborative problem solving all focused on this year’s cause.

Upcoming Events

Schmooze with the Changemakers: Thursday February 23

Come schmooze with the Changemaker Series committee, AIGA Seattle Board members, designers and other social Changemakers as we kick off 2017. Connect with a diverse group of creatives, nonprofits and social change organizations doing good or those who want to do good. Meet last year’s Changemakers. Share your ideas, passions, network and grab a drink.

We will announce the Changemaker Series cause for 2017 along with events in the works. We’re betting that this year’s cause is one you’ll be passionate about.

Changemaker Series Process


Be a part of the Changemaker Series!

We’re looking for designers, creative professionals, nonprofits, and social change organizations to apply a be a part of the series. Stay tuned for more information on applications and the process.

Once organization partners and creative professionals are selected, we’ll partner teams with organizations to participate in the Workshop Weekend, and together, continue through the series.



Join a creative team, gain insights into design thinking taught by local design leaders, reframe challenges, develop creative briefs, and formulate plans to help an organization. Progress made over the weekend will be a foundation for the work done over the summer.



Work closely with your project team and local organization over the course of four months to conduct research to help to develop and implement creative solutions to address your challenge. Network during check-in events to share best practices, get answers and get help staying on track.


SHOWCASE / September

Celebrate the work accomplished by the Changemaker project teams with a party and exhibition. Check out how design thinking can help address local social causes. Eat, drink, and be inspired with the larger community!

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History and Successes

The inaugural year of the Changemaker Series united eight social change organizations with over forty volunteer team members to address local food challenges. The second year, thirty four volunteer creatives were selected to join six teams working with organizations to address homelessness challenges.

Project teams provided user experience research, new visual identities and branding materials, updated web designs, workflow applications, social media campaigns and more. Causes, projects and organizations have included: streamlining processes for DESC’s in-kind donations with tools and reporting; increasing readership among millennials for Real Change; advocating domestic fair trade principles with the Domestic Fair Trade Association, and partnering with Marketshare to empower immigrant entrepreneurs to create an ethnic street food market in Seattle.

“AIGA Seattle’s mission is to ‘harness the power of design to build a better future,’ and the Changemaker Series is the epitome of that goal. By pairing design teams with social change organizations and facilitating their projects, the series uses design to make a measurable impact on the greater Seattle community.”
–Jenna Blake, Vice President of Initiatives for AIGA Seattle

“What sort of impact do we expect, now that we’ve organized this project and are two weeks away from launching it? The Union Gospel Mission has about 50,000 supporters in Greater Seattle, and their goal is to convert about 10% of those to using the app or the service once per month…and if these people paid on average $5 for that buy-one-feed-one dish. We’re talking about $25,000 in new revenue for the Mission to feed those in need. That would feed an additional 10,000 people.”
–Jonathan Kumar, Managing Director of FoodCircles

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