Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

Core Value

Recognizing that the other is simply another in our community.

The 2019/2020 season sees AIGA Seattle’s DEI Initiative commitment to incubating programming ideas of advocacy for designers of color. We seek and invite ongoing opportunities to facilitate access to design by Seattle’s under-represented or marginalized organizations and small businesses. Our programming is designed to celebrate and encourage internalizing inclusive practices in diverse thinking, embedding equitable culture in the workplace, and becoming a true ally to the community it serves.

#Access2Design | #AIGAseaDEI | #PracticingInclusion

2019/2020 Intention Statement:

  • evolve professional awareness – to recognize, engage and mitigate underlying personal and institutional biases or prejudices that show up in our workplace and in our lives
  • challenge the creative community to be DEI intentional in their work – DEI practices must be as internalized and seamless as the historic presence of prejudice and discrimination in the broader industry and in our society.
  • equitable access to design and equitable opportunity to a career in design and creative problem solving