Brand New: Prototyping the Airline of the Future

You’re undoubtedly well aware that the airline industry lags behind other industries in many ways, from profit margins to consumer loyalty. And airlines have been slow to solve many of their biggest challenges, perpetuating an ineffectual status quo. But what if we could entirely reconceive what an airline can be?

That’s exactly what TEAGUE did in imagining Poppi, a prototype of the airline of the future. As you’ll hear when you join us for this free talk, TEAGUE focused on leading-edge innovations in seating, connectivity, onboard services, baggage handling, airport experience, brand design, co-making partnerships, and other possibilities that could actually happen in the next five years.

It’s going to be a fun talk if you’ve ever suffered through an airline flight gone south. And it will surely be a highly enlightening talk if you’ve ever been asked to solve daunting user experience problems. This free talk should be of great interest if you’re asked to solve massive user experience problems in your job, or if you’re just curious to see how great flying by air could become.

Devin Liddell - Principal Brand Strategist, Teague

Bio: Devin Liddell is the principal brand strategist for Teague. Prior to joining Teague, Devin was Director of Brand Strategy for PhinneyBischoff and before that, the Seattle studio of FITCH. Devin works with clients such as Anheuser-Busch InBev, Boeing, Intel, JW Marriott, Microsoft, SC Johnson and Starbucks to create insight-driven brand strategies and consumer experiences. With more than a decade of experience in brand strategy and design, Devin has worked across a broad spectrum of industries: aerospace, higher education, software/technology, food and beverage, and retail; his past clients include Amazon, GE, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Nordstrom, Seattle Symphony, and Woodland Park Zoo.

Churu Yun - Industrial / Interaction Designer, Teague

As a multidisciplinary designer practicing where development of technology and design implementations intersect, Churu approaches with a sharp focus and a wide periphery. Three years in robotics and seven at top design consultancies have yielded a large catalog of work that spans many industries and subject matters. From humanoid robots to new affordances for human-machine interaction, his creativity has contributed to the success of products and strategies for Fortune 500 companies to startups. Currently he is a senior designer at TEAGUE focused on defining elegant and well considered ways we can live with and use technology in the future.

When & Where
Wed, Mar 30, 2016 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM