Team AIGA – Bike-to-Work Month

It's that time of year again! Next Wednesday marks the 2014 season of Bike-to-Work Month! Cascade Bicycle Club is again hosting the 2014 Commute Challenge, and we're looking for designers and studios to participate! Kick off the spring season with your community and a friendly competition with AIGA! Stay tuned for AIGA League prizes! It's easy to sign-up and start logging trips!

Sign up here:

4 ways to compete:
Min 4 riders, Max 10 riders

1. Create a team for your company and start recruiting riders! Be sure to mark AIGA as the parent organization.

2. Start your own team of friends! 

3. Freelancing? don't want to start your own team? 
Join AIGA Pedal Collective! Email Faith Berry at to join the competition! 

4. Individual rider? You can also sign-up solo and log your trips on your own.

This is a month long competition based on percentages. If you ride to/from work everyday, your percentage stays at 100%. Each day you decide not to ride pulls your percentage back. Boeing, Seattle Children's Hospital, and UW are the top participants each year, so league's make it fun for us smaller guys. Join our AIGA challenge and stay tuned for prizes, bragging rights and events!

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When & Where
Fri, May 16, 2014
Seattle, WA