Ryther + Team Chameleon

Problem Statement

How might we make telehealth a sustainable solution for all of our current and potential clients, especially those experiencing homelessness?

Project Team Statement

This project focuses on Ryther telehealth programs serving the youth experiencing homelessness. After weeks of research and ideation, we discovered that telehealth practices already exist with the Ryther process so a new design or product wasn’t necessary. 

The core pain-point also wasn’t in increasing youth enrolled in telehealth. The pain-point was human: frustration and confusion in operating telehealth. We discovered pain points inside telehealth processes for counselors, youth experiencing homelessness, health care providers, and Ryther administrators in communication, set up, and telehealth execution.

Our solution focuses on making existing telehealth technologies a sustainable solution for youth experiencing homelessness who are already actively engaged with Ryther staff by addressing confusion and frustration in operating telehealth technologies. 

Ultimately, our solution should deliver the following message to youth, counselors, health providers: 

“I see you. I hear you. And I care. I am still here when you need me.”

About the Organization

Ryther is a non-profit organization providing services on behavioral health, transitional community treatment, neurodiverse services, and family support services. Located in Seattle, WA,  Ryther has served children, young adults,  and families since 1885.


Organization’s Mission & Vision

Ryther provides exceptional therapeutic services to young people who are struggling emotionally and behaviorally so they may find a path to healing and hope. Ryther envisions a community where all youth have hope, resilience and a chance to heal so they may look forward to the future.

Client Representatives

Karen Brady, Executive Director & CEO

Emily Prey,  Marketing and Outreach

Creative Team Members

Chantrelle Johanson
UX Researcher
David Hammer
Visual Designer
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Erika Johnson
UX Designer

Lisa Danno
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Summer Wang
Product Manager
Teresa Cummings
Tui Calvette
Visual Designer
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Showcase Presentation

Watch Team Chameleon share their team's story at the 2020 Showcase:

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By Margaret Tung
Published September 9, 2020